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Commercial & Residential

Leons Construction Services LLC provides many useful and essential services, aside from general building expertise. We strive to make our customers’ experience as easy and convenient as possible. With many services from interior and exterior demolition, dumpster services, debris removal, demolition prep, handyman services, construction repairs, equipment rental, home, and industrial cleaning, and many others at your disposal; we guarantee a safe, non-hazardous, and worry-free experience. 

Our crew at Leons Construction Services has been trained to meet all OSHA industry standards. They are all OSHA-certified, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for our clients.

Construction Services

* Handyman Services and Renovations.
* Interior removal.
* Bathroom, Kitchen, and room by room demolitions.

Debris Removal

* Basement
* Garages
* Attics
* Storage
* Power Washing
* Gutter
* Guy and Dumpster

Estate Services

* Buyer ready thorough clean up.
* Property staging for sale.
* Sort and distribute possession.
* Debris removal.


Maintenance Services

* Snow removal.
* Lawn upkeep.
* Gutters
* Power Washing.