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Precision at Work

Siding has a direct impact on the exterior design of your home. At Leons Inc., we understand that by choosing the right siding you will achieve the desired style for your home. From contemporary, victorian, modern to a more conservative look, it all starts with the right choice of siding.

Our installers understand that siding is not only a look, but it also provides valuable protection against the elements, is energy efficient, and in some cases, the right installation and material can bring insurance rebates, or increase the value of a property. Leons Inc. understands that a precise installation is vital to achieving all benefits of a project.

Leons Inc. representatives will help you choose the right material, color, and style for your house and budget. From vinyl, cedar planks and shakes, fiber cement, metal, and all-natural and synthetic materials, including decorative siding. Providing each client with a personal and worry-free experience.

Exterior Trim

Simplicity. Beauty. Elegance

Exterior trim is what gives that special look to every house. It brings the siding and roof in harmony, delivering that astonishing look that makes you stop on your path. In addition, accentuates fixtures such as doors and windows while helping protect those areas of your home where siding and roof are not enough to protect from moisture, insects, even water and dirt damage.


At Leons Inc., we understand the materials, tools, and fundamental installation process of a proper exterior trim. While never cutting corners, giving you that professional and precise look.

Leons Inc. will explain the choices, and outcomes of your project. Whether you choose vinyl, wood, PVC, or a composite material, Leons Inc. will help you understand the choices and systems that will fit your project and budget while delivering an excellent workmanship installation in a safe and clean environment, for our workers and customers, in accordance to the product manufacturer guidelines. Achieving the protection and decorative look you are searching for. 

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