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Impressions that Last

Stucco is valued as a siding material for its attractiveness and durability while being a relatively low-maintenance exterior finish. Stucco is often selected for multi-family projects due to the fact that when it is applied to 7/8 inch nominal thickness, it provides a one-hour fire rating. It can be directly applied to brick and concrete primer or applied over a wood frame, metal siding, or any other material.

A change in material from stucco to stone and a change in color from light to dark can create a focal point at the entrance or some other architectural feature. Do you ever wonder what makes a home exterior visually appealing? It is more than likely that those homes have followed some key design principles. At Leon’s Contractor, we understand those principles. Our crew of professionals will ensure the final outcome is visually appealing, with a strong, durable, and beautiful exterior finish, that will bring elegance and beauty to your home.

Leon's Contractors guarantees a safe and worry-free process.

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