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The Warmth of Natural Light

Natural light coming from windows and doors is a great source for general lighting and task lighting. The strategic placement of windows can reduce the need for artificial lighting during daylight hours, although the position of the home and local climate must be taken into account.  Using windows for natural light decreases the reliance on energy to run light fixtures. Pattern or “obscure glass” options allow enjoyment of natural light while offering privacy. Leon's Contractors will help you through the process whether you're replacing windows or installing them as an addition or new home. Our managers will explain your options and the benefits of the product we have to offer.

Leon's Contractors understands that a professional installation is of most importance around windows and exterior doors. Allowing our customers to enjoy the benefits of natural light and noise reduction can only be achieved by respecting the manufacturer's installation guides and proper flashings. Leon's Contractors Installers are trained to deliver an optimum service.

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