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Exterior Services

Expand your Living

A deck provides additional space. It will work as a great place to host guests for a dinner party or even to have an extra place to lounge and relax during the warmer months. A deck is usually made of either wood or composite material. Figuring out what you want your deck to do will also help determine its size, safety measures, and traffic flow.

Leons Inc. understands the benefits of a deck and the fundamentals of its structure, making your deck not only visually appealing and enhancing the home’s overall quality, but also completing it in as little as a week’s time. Leons Inc's Supervisor will assist you by explaining the processes, from how it will look, all the way to the specifics of the recommended material for your deck, from wood or composite; Leons Inc. will assist you in every step, from design to the material recommendation and budget, providing a safe inexpensive and beautiful deck. 



Gazebos and Porch Roofs




Pool Houses

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