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Protection and Design

The roof is the most vital part of a home. It not only plays a large part in the exterior design of a house but also protects families and their belongings from the climatic elements. There are many designs that will accentuate, and in some instances, raise the value of a home. The designs vary from asphalt, cedarwood, metal, natural, and vinyl slate with different colors, styles, and prices; but whether you choose a standard roof system or an extravagant one, the right installation is the most important part.

At Leons Inc., we provide our assistance helping our clients understand their options. From style to budget, material to installation, our team of roofing experts will ensure the proper installation of the system you choose in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and warranty requirements. At Leons Inc., all of our team members will provide you with a safe and stress-less experience following all state and city regulations in accordance with OSHA norms and regulations.

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